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Having carpet in our house can make it more beautiful and more comfortable to stay in. However, some problems might appear on cleaning the carpet, like in South Africa for example, the weather and temperature can make the carpet gets dirty and stink easily. Some maintains are required in order to make the carpet still looking good in the house. In order to clean a carpet, there are some tips to remove stains and odors on the carpet so that the carpet will look like a new one.

The first thing to know is choosing the best carpet cleaners for your carpet. Some people might only consider plain old soap and water is enough to remove stains or just clean the carpet, but it is actually not enough to do it especially when it has to deal with some serious problem on carpet such as deep-seated odors or long-lasted stain of cake. The best cleaner to clean those serious problems is by using carpet powder. Comparing to plain soap or carpet shampoo, carpet powder is better in term of cleaning and drying the carpet. Even though carpet shampoo can actually be used to clean the carpet, it takes very long time to dry the carpet and the room is off limit until the cleaning is done compared to carpet powder which only needs to be vacuumed without having to wait longer and you can use the room while cleaning it.

In order to use carpet powder, there are some steps to apply it on the carpet. The first thing is sprinkle the powder on the carpet. The next one is by leaving it on more than 30 minutes; by this time, the cleaners are working on softening the stains and removing the odors. The last step is vacuum the carpet and all done. Besides using carpet powder, ones can also use some cleaner products such as carpet shampoo as the following order. The first step is mixing the shampoo with water and use enough portion of the shampoo according to the size of area it covers. In cleaning it, make sure don't make the carpet too wet so that there's no more time to dry it. After all shampoo are spread on the carpet, scrub particular area with stains by using a hard-bristled brush. After all clean, let it dry for some hours and vacuum it when it dries.

Besides using carpet powder, carpet users can also use some more natural cleaner to remove stains. Most people might think that using soda water and tonic water can remove some stains for sure, but salt can be a good cleaner on removing dirt on carpet. Besides those things, baking soda can also be a good alternative to absorb smells on carpet.

Another trick in removing problematic stains such as sticky stains and smelly stains, some tricks can be applied. For sticky stains like gum, before removing it, it is better to harden it by using ice cube so that it can be easily removed. For the smelly one, beside using baking soda, ones can mix equal part of vinegar and warm water and apply it by using a cloth. With so many tricks and tips in doing carpet cleaning, it makes so easy for the carpet owners to make their carpet clean and beauty.